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More Missing Pieces

This body of work followed “Pieces Missing”, a previous series utilizing photography and collage techniques. Unusual and chopped up formats continue to dominate most of the compositions. Whole sections of the works are missing altogether and edges are made ragged by dull scissors, blades, and hole punches. Portions of the works are hacked away and selected pieces are secured back onto the surface.

The photographs, purchased through a military memorabilia store in Burbank, are from the World War II and Vietnam War eras. The subject in each picture is male. Many of the men depicted appear to be soldiers engaged in some sort of leisure or recreation activity not directly related to actual warfare. The titles for the works come directly from the names that were hand written on the backs of the photos. “More Missing Pieces” was created during period of time when I was thinking a great deal about the impact of military conflict on the individual and collective psyche.